Social Networking Sites

At some time or another, a good analysis of social networking sites was in order for me.  I’ve become increasingly disappointed and restless and unsure of my place in any of them.  I’ve made some good friends, adopted new family members, and found a forum for my articles outwith the usual places overseas.

It’s been several years now.  I’ve been on many social networking sites, including the “big ones”.  I’ve seen some unsettling things that, in a civilised world, should never happen.  I’ve seen people do some of the dumbest things on the face of the earth because they couldn’t do something as simple as google for information.  Besides this, I’ve seen many others who refuse to listen to logic and reason because they’d rather “play a game”.  That’s not ignorance.  That’s just plain stupidity.

The sites themselves don’t help.  When it is easy for someone to hack in and write an application that can suck the information from an account holder, including everyone on their friends lists, or you try to block an application and you cannot, even when it says you can, or people start thinking it should be okay to take the piss at other people in very illegal ways just because it’s the Internet and supposedly the US has no laws governing such a thing (sorry, but they do), then I think it’s time to cash them in and call it a day.

Tonight I question my participation in any of them.  I’ve already dumped my accounts at MySpace, Facebook, OK Cupid and Eons.  I have two left:  Teebeedee and Netlog.  I suppose it comes down to what you’re willing to put up with.

Me, I’m not willing to put up with any of it.

My articles are seen in 25 countries and translated in 10 different general languages, besides.  Why do I need to network through social networking sites?  Why should it matter to me what people in the US in particular think in regard to the issues about which I write?  They don’t, for the most part, and I am up to here trying to educate the thickheaded in social networking forums.

I’ll sleep on this and think about it further in the morning, but something tells me that social networking and I will never see eye-to-eye and I’ll end up pitching them all.  Or I’ll just keep Netlog which has, up to this point, been the least offensive.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep on writing here…and sending my articles overseas…and running my publishing company…and somewhere out there someone will learn something.  I just won’t know who.


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