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On Snatching Children

Posted in General with tags , , on 31 August 2008 by Maggie

A friend of mine wrote a blog on Netlog about his missing son.  Someone complained when others picked up the message and continued to post it in the hopes of getting others to help, as well. 

Netlog called it spam and not only blocked the running blogs, but also blocked the accounts of everyone involved.

Imagine that.  When people take up the call to retrieve a snatched child, it’s called spam and you are shunned.

I don’t think so.

Thank god that is not the case on MySpace or here on WordPress. 

Here’s the original appeal written by my friend, but please don’t stop reading.  There’s more:

For the last month I have been trying to get my son home from a visitation with his mother. My 12 year old son was supposed to be returned on July 28th 2008. On the 27th my ex’s mother called me and asked me to let him remain in Indiana and I stated at that time it wasnt in the best interest of my son, then I recieved a call from her new husband with the same request, again I said no. Finally my Ex wife called and asked herself and again the reply was no, she then stated she couldnt afford to send him home , at which point I bought a ticket to for him to be flown home.

She didnt put him on the flight and refuses to send him home still. She has been court ordered to send him home and still refuses.She has violated several laws in Florida as well as Indiana in reguards to custody and will be charged tomorrow in Florida with felony Interference of custody on 2 counts.
Legally I have custody per the divorce papers, this is the second time she has tried not to return him. Thankfully last time she was still on house arrest. For selling drugs among many other charges. I believe that they will most likely have my son (law enforcements hands) in the next couple of days.

Parental child abduction is a major problem in the US and a growing issue I am only writing on here to ask if ANYONE knows where to go for financial aid in recovering my son from Indiana. This ordeal has left me broke to begin with trying to get him home with the wasted plane ticket previously and attorney’s fees.
If anyone knows where to go for help please left me know ASAP.

Take even idle threats about keepin your child or taking your child from you very serious.

This cuts me to the quick in ways that I cannot even express, but for a couple of different reasons.

First, as a non-custodial parent whose children were raised by a very good father, this is inconceivable.  I could not imagine taking Matt, Diana, and Stephanie away from their father for any reason.  I credit him with the fact they are good world citizens, and this is why I have written a Mother’s Day blog about him every single year.

But, then, I am not a drug addict with an arrest and conviction record as long as your arm.  Damon’s ex does.

I am also not in Indiana and my ex in Florida, which is how she is getting away with not having an “interstate flight with a minor” charge against her.

Another reason this cuts me to the quick is because of how Dave was treated when he and his first wife divorced.  At the time, his son was old enough to make his own decision as to who to live with.  His daughter was not.  There’s a reason Dave’s son opted to live with his father.  Dave should have also, by rights, been given his daughter.  The woman called Dave’s son and told him he was a bastard and he could never come to see her again because – in her self-centered modus operandi – if he would choose Dave, then he was a pretty lousy child, anyway.  She took the daughter, left the area, and that was the last either one of them saw of her.

Imagine losing your child in this way.  Imagine having your child snatched from you.  Imagine living in desperate worry for the health and safety of your child and it seems you can do nothing about it.

Since Damon first wrote his blog asking for help, he has found an attorney who will take an IOU.  The fact of the matter is, he doesn’t have the ability to pay for this.  It is expensive to get your child back, no matter how illegal the situation.  You get zero help from the government.  You fight these things on your own and this all gives the appearance that your love and dedication to your child is dependent upon the amount of money you have. 

This has been a horrendous struggle for him.  This is one time I can at least pass the world and hope others can help.  Damon has an account set up at Realtiy Charity for this.

If anyone can help by contributing even the smallest amount, it will be helpful.

Dave and I will be contributing.  We’re hoping word gets around.

Damon’s son Quenton is a beautiful boy.  I hate to see him get caught up in a very bad situation living with his mother and her new husband.  Besides, the law is the law.  Damon is the custodial parent.  In this case, I will honestly say he is like my ex – a very good father.  The sun rises and sets in Quenton, as far as he is concerned.  He needs all the help he can get to bring his little boy home.

I have more information on this case beyond what I’ve disclosed here.  If you would like to know more, just ask.

If anyone can help, thank you.  It means alot to Damon and Quenton…and it means alot to me and to Dave.

Thank you.