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The mark of my educated mind

Posted in Asperger's Syndrome with tags , , on 12 December 2008 by Maggie

It has been difficult sorting out how to approach what is a very sensitive issue for me.  I planned an entire rant as I headed in to work this morning.  It was a rational rant.  You know me.  It had to be rational.  But it was a rant nonetheless and assumed that certain irrefutable truths were understood by the average person.   I started thinking about that and realised, no, thanks to media hype and the rationale of some prominent entities in the news, the irrefutable truths are not understood, or there wouldn’t be a controversy in the first place.  The rant seemed an inappropriate “shoot first” approach.

After discounting the rant, I thought perhaps history should prevail first.  Then I thought science should prevail.  At one point I thought an explanation as to why this is so bloody important to me should come first.  I went back to the three-article series I wrote on stem cell research, because that is also a sensitive issue for me, but I couldn’t quite get my line of thought to follow the same path.  I thought perhaps I was too close to the subject, but that’s not it.

I considered shelving it for the time being.

Then the fall issue of Creighton Magazine hit my desk.

I went back to it again, and I downloaded more information.

It is Thursday night now.  I’ve spent all day trying to get my head round it.  This article (blog for those who are seeing it after it’s been sent) is a prologue to what is about to come.  These are statements that I will address as I go along, not necessarily in this order:

1.  Vaccines are historically important to the health of the public and continue to be so.
2.  Vaccines are not the cause of autism/Asperger syndrome, but they may very well cause an aggravation of certain symptoms in children and/or adults with autism/Asperger syndrome if those children or adults are already sensitive to components in the vaccines.
3.  Autism/Asperger syndrome cannot be “cured”.  Scientific study indicates strongly that the points on the Autism Spectrum may be the result of unexplained escalation in random deletion in the genome order, from which we acquire our individual personalities.  (Keyword:  random.)
4.  Symptoms of autism/Asperger syndrome may be, but are not guaranteed to be, reduced through special types of diet and/or behaviour modification…in some cases, but not all cases.

I am truly sorry there are so many parents who cannot psychologically or emotionally handle their children once diagnosed with the unique abilities and capabilities identified through Autism Spectrum idiosyncrasies.  It is a struggle to understand that their child or children are different from them, sometimes so different that their average brain as parents cannot handle that which is not average in their children.  These parents seem to blame themselves, and at the same time search for a reason to blame someone or something else, and blindly join organisations like Autism Speaks. 

Unfortunately, their handling of their experiences have led many of them down the same road as those who once felt peach pits would cure cancer.  It is an act of desperation at best.

I have Asperger syndrome, and I want to talk about this.

To be continued tomorrow night.